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STEMPunX Podcast

STEMPunX is a bi-monthly podcast produced in Studio G, a special padded room in White Salmon, Washington.

Our goal is to make user-friendly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) connections between education and the job market.


SPX3 The Sky's the Limit

When you want to get the shot from above, the best way these days is to use a drone. Joe and the Producers look into what works best, without spending a lot of money.

Ep. 3 Drones -

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Show Notes

  • DJI Drones

  • Alex Bryan

  • Joe crashes the drone

  • other

  • etc



STEMPunX is hosted and produced

by Joe Garoutte.

This episode was also produced

by E. Michael Friend and John Hardham.

Editing by Joe and Michael.
Special thanks to Alex Bryan.

Music by Kit Garoutte.


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