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Executive Producer Bios: Testimonial


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E. Michael Friend keeps an eye on the world from his home in Hood River. He has been writing and making movies since 1968 with a break in the ‘70s in the Air Force as a Chinese Linguist. He has since written, produced and directed industrial films, music videos, commercials and feature films. He has degrees in journalism and education, and has been a school teacher and a newspaper editor and reporter.




Joe Garoutte is an actor, writer, activist, and all around talented guy. John and Michael cast him as Sam Lancaster in the movie "King of Roads, 100 years of the Historic Columbia River Highway" because his voice and acting chops knocked their socks off.

He has been an actor in many theatrical productions in the Gorge and elsewhere in Oregon. He is thrilled to put his BA in Theatre to good use.  Joe also is the go-to guy if you want to know about wine, fly-fishing, or bowling... and now... SCIENCE!

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John Hardham has been living, working & playing in the Columbia River Gorge since the 1980s. He began performing light shows in 1967, using motion picture film as his primary medium. John toured with many bands and performed in major planetariums of North America and Europe as the Heavy Water Lightshow. In 1984, John started business as a self-employed video producer, primarily at OHSU. He moved to the Gorge full time in 1995.

In 2008 Hardham and Friend created Laughing Deva, LLC, with the goal of producing videos about the Columbia River Gorge.

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