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SPX21 Theatre STEM - Set Tech Episode

SPX21 Theatre STEM - Set Tech Episode

Wowzers! Join host Joe Garoutte in learning about SketchUp, the Google 3D software used by designer Douglas Hawksworth to build a set for "Noises Off". Joe and Douglas visit on the set for the upcoming show produced by Big Britches Productions.  See how dreams turn to reality through 3D design and then some precise cutting on the saws.   Links to explore: Design your own anything with Google SketchUp here. Go see the set in action.  Get tickets for "Noises Off" at the Big Britches Productions Website.   Join the STEMPunX team for as little as a dollar a month. Gain access to bonus material and STEMPunX perks on our Patreon page:   Music: All music from this episode written and performed by Danny Burns. Check out his list of albums on Bandcamp.     Sponsors Coddiwomple Creative-  A coddiwomple is a purposeful journey towards a vague destination. Coddiwomple Creative makes art and just about anything they're inspired to create from a place of joy.  Check out their newest items at:  AND: Thank you to all of our Patreon STEMPunX.  We are so grateful for you all. Please share this podcast to help us continue our goal of bringing STEM education to everyone. Send us your feedback at:   Credits The STEMPunX Podcast is hosted and produced by Joe Garoutte. CoProducers: E. Michael Friend and John Hardham Editing by Joe and Michael.   Special thanks to guest Douglas Hawksworth.   See all the STEMunX fun at

Here is are multiple examples of Science and Art Mashup. Scientists yearly post dance videos that explain their Phd theses.

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