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Host Bios: Testimonial
Co-Host Joe Garoutte

​Joe Garoutte

Joe has been enthusiastic about this project from the get-go.  Combining the "Sciencey" stuff with the outdoor climes of the Gorge is right in his wheelhouse.

As a writer, actor, and awakening lover of life, he is primed to seek out new ways to bring vibrancy into your life and his own.


"Knowing all the knowledge" keeps him hunting for the next bit of STEM info to share.

Joe is also executive producer, editor, and video director of STEMPunX. 


Isaiah Bowen

Isaiah is our newest host/correspondent. He lives in Albuquerque, NM and is the grandson of Producer E. Michael Friend. Isaiah loves playing chess, baseball, and New Mexican food. 

As the youngest STEMPunX host, he is very concerned about the environment and how STEM can be a part of keeping us all healthy and teach us innovative ways to address the future.

Correspondent Bill Weiler

​Bill Weiler

Correspondent Bill Weiler brings his vast knowledge of the environment to the screen with fun and excitement like no other. 

As an accomplished writer and musician, Gorge wildlife advocate, and all-around fantastic guy, you'll enjoy getting all "scienced up" with Bill.

Having collaborated on multiple projects with the various members of the StemPunX on other projects, Bill has said that this adventure is "a dream come true".

We couldn't be happier than to have Bill sharing his wealth of knowledge and his positive spirit!


​Thomas Harrop

Correspondent Thomas Harrop, B.A., M.S. has worked as professor and department lead in photography and new media journalism for the Art Institute of Colorado and Red Rocks Community College. 

His passions include vegan advocacy; soap making; 3D printing and computer image manipulation; long-winded bios, and playing the guitar. 


Thom has traveled the world as a photographer and worked as editor, writer, and publisher of multiple national magazines and 7 books. He also worked as a full-time photographer at NASA’s Armstrong flight research center at Edward’s Air Force Base. While at NASA Thom provided photographic support for the Space Shuttle program; the X-29; the F-111; and many other projects and programs.

He is a member of the American Mensa Society and the Professional Photographers of America and has been accepted to the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Co-Host April Sampson

​April Sampson


April is thrilled to combine her love for theatre, design, quirky fashion, and life.

Loving to be referred to as "adorkable", she shares her wit and curiosity for the Gorge with viewers and listeners alike through a filter of a gamers mentality.  She was referring to LOL in posts due to her online game not because she thought someone was particularly funny.


Look for her at the next 

Steam Punk/League of Legends/Renaissance Fair.  

They have those right?

And... all over the Gorge where scientists and artists collaborate.

Not only can these guys talk but our hosts/correspondents are also writers, producers and directors of STEMPunX.

Their command, expertise, and mastery of STEM, sense of humor, and amazing good looks keep the dream alive.

Plus: in the future more correspondents will join the team!


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