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Getting to the heart of the PunX

The Producers of this program, Michael and John, are inspired by the on-going discussion of economic development, jobs, affordability, and quality of life in the Columbia River Gorge and the World.. Using STEM as a jumping off point, we all see an opportunity to explore these topics through a futuristic lens.

Driven by the personalities of the STEMPunx hosts, the show will be informative, investigative, and always positive. The hosts and various correspondents visit businesses, schools, communities near and far while exploring all ideas using STEM to embrace all cultural and social landscapes.

STEMPunx is a multi-episode web series that explores positive developments in scientific, cultural, and economic innovation. 

The concept is to always ask How, What, Where, Why? ...and link all those questions through STEM.

  • Science : is in everything we do. Virtually everything can be explained and explored using science and scientific method.

  • Technology : is driving the future... of jobs, of social interaction, of quality of life.

  • Engineering : is the practical application of anything. Building something... a house, a connection, a sentence... is integral to making anything a reality.

  • Math : is the “spiritual” element of the concept. Math is the magic that makes everything happen and it is the discourse that scientists use to communicate across language barriers.

Episodes will focus on multiple ideas:

  • Segment 1: a STEM related element of a business, industry, or scientist’s work.

  • Segment 2: the practical application of the theme.

  • Segment 3: societal issues.  While many businesses are getting the word out to their exclusive community, our goal is to introduce a new audience to many businesses and perspectives and create a dialogue regarding jobs, education, and culture. 

Who are these guys?
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