StemPunx Hosts: Joe Garoutte and April Sampson

STEMPunx is a multi-episode web series that explores positive developments in the Columbia River Gorge in areas revolving around scientific, cultural, and economic innovation. Future episodes can become more wide-ranging in both geographic area and thematic exploration but the early focus is on the Gorge.

The concept is to always ask How, What, Where, Why? ...and link all those questions through STEM.

  • Science : is in everything we do. Virtually everything can be explained and explored using science and scientific method.

  • Technology : is driving the future... of jobs, of social interaction, of quality of life.

  • Engineering : is the practical application of anything. Building something... a house, a connection, a sentence... is integral to making anything a reality.

  • Math : is the “spiritual” element of the concept. Math is the magic that makes everything happen and it is the discourse that scientists use to communicate across language barriers.

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